Video Description For Marion’s Birthday Rap Video: YouTube Hates Me

And I hate YouTube back. For some reason I’m not allowed to copy and paste anything from iMovie into YouTube. I had to do this because iMovie keeps uploading to YouTube and saying that it’s finished, and then there is no video on YouTube. I have to upload it from the website. fhalfa. Can anyone explain this to me?

Video Description:


I <3 you and I hope it is supah crumptastic!


Listen and enjoy.

This just proves how incredibly challenged I am at rapping and freestylin’.



Marion Honey is my best friend

If I ever have a hair tie I will lend 

It to her because she’s a nerdfightarian

She kicks arse and aises for a librarian


At lunch she always drinks my milk

I say “milk” funny but she doesn’t give an elk

Her hair is gorgeous, Sponges are porous

LAWLZ. yeaaaaah.


Marion is so crumptastic

She always recycles plastic

Skype can never take her booty

Lots of boys love her, such as Marcus Flutie


But she hasn’t read that series yet

I’m sure she will, yeah, you bet

Remember when she got the book John signed?

She got there first, there was no line


What a feat! I love her a lot

Subscribin’ to her is somethin’ you ought

To do! If you haven’t already

If I was a boy I’d ask her to go steady


Sorry that line was super creepy

Nothing else rhymed, don’t get sleepy!

Marion is super awesome

When she passes flowers they blossom


Today is her seventeenth birthday

Give her some love, maybe a Monet [a painting]

A video for her would make her smile

Even a comment would be worthwhile


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One response to “Video Description For Marion’s Birthday Rap Video: YouTube Hates Me

  1. I’d like to see this rap video if it is possible.

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