Makeup I Cannot Live Without

 I thought of making a blog about some of my favorite makeup today during my geometry quiz. Good thing I’m horrible a concentrating on anything boring, right?

Bare Minerals is my favorite brand of makeup. I have super sensitive skin, and this makeup is perfect. It covers my face while letting it breathe. I have acne and it covers up all of the things I want to hide.

Beige Foundation: This evens out my skin tone and hides red spots an other flaws.

Eyeshadow: I use Queen Tiffany, but I don’t wear eyeliner with it. I also have Joy, which is a bright white, a gold color, and a pinkish gold. My mother got them for me :]

True Gold-

Well Rested: It makes my eyes look like I’ve gotten nine hours of sleep! It also covers up veins and preps my eyes for eyeshadow and such.

Eye Liner Shadow: I use Tortoise. It’s a greenish black, but the green isn’t obvious once you put it on. I like to wet it so it’s similar to liquid eyeliner, but much easier to apply! I use the eyeliner brush from Bare Minerals to apply it.

For mascara I use Great Lash Mascara in Very Black:

That’s pretty much all I use on a regular basis, along with Aveda lipgloss:

I’m not sure if that’s the right color, but it’s a coral-y color.

That’s all I can think of that I adore right now! I’d just like to put my favorites into the world. Thanks for reading!


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