Procrastination is bad. Well, I guess not necessarily but for me any form of it sucks ass. You see, I have an anxiety disorder. It’s no fun, but it’s not a huge-o deal. But it doesn’t help me get my homework done. It’d be really great if I would just sit down and do my homework. Guess what I’m supposed to be doing now? My crazy, procrastinating brain is telling me this is better than facebook. What do you think?

Huh. This really is me procrastinating. I’m doing a french project on Claude Debussy. There weren’t many choices for me because I miss the day the class picked, and Coco Chanel was taken. So, like a true Twilight fangirl, I choce Claude Debussy. I also would just like to learn more about the man who made music beautiful enough to be mentioned in Twilight.

Well, off I go. I hope I get something done, or at least start to read a good book. I have half an hour before softball. I intend to put it to good use. -Amanda


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